Why a Dentist Thinks You Should Eat Lots of Meat | Interview with Kevin Stock

How to Stave Off Hunger

A look at how to feel full off meals even when dieting. Advice backed by science on how the stomach works and how the brain detects and governs your hunger levels.

The Theory And The Facts Behind The Grapefruit Diet

Fad diets are often defined by a meal plans which encourage the dieter to either eat only one type of food or totally eliminate another type of food. In the case of the grapefruit diet proponents promise a loss of 10 pounds in approximately 12 days without sending the body into starvation mode. The theory is that the juice from the grapefruit enhances the fat burning process and allows the individual to lose weight much more quickly.

Top 5 Tips for a Healthier Holiday

As a international Judo player and coach I am constantly travelling, either interstate or overseas. Sometimes it is hard to stay on top of your diet and exercise regime when your daily routine is all over the place. There is nothing worse then doing a heap of travel and having your daily and weekly routine get destroyed.

What If I Crave Salty Foods On Medifast?

I sometimes hear from folks who crave a specific type of food and who are worried that they won’t be able to have that food when they are on the Medifast diet. One such example is salty foods. I might hear a comment like: “it’s my perception that most of the foods offered on Medifast are sweet. The shakes and bars come in flavors that make them dessert like. But what is offered for people who like salty foods like potato chips and pretzels? Because I don’t really crave sweets. I crave salt. What is offered for someone like me?”

How To Use Wheatgrass In A Green Smoothie

A green smoothie means a world of goodness for you. If you are having at least one tall glass of green smoothie every day, you are definitely loading up on nutrition and watching your weight. A green smoothie is a great way to begin your day because it gives you all the energy boost you need. If you cannot seem to wake up without your cup of coffee every day, you can try replacing it with a glass of green smoothie and you will never feel the need for caffeine anymore! If you are using your own recipes for green smoothies and wondering how to make it healthier, wheatgrass is an ingredient you must use.

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