What is #DietCulture? Is Being on a Restrictive Diet VERY BAD?

Green Smoothies Can Benefit Diabetic Patients

Diabetes has become a dreaded lifestyle disease in today’s world. In America alone the prevalence of diabetes has almost doubled over the last twenty years or so. Numerous studies prove that over the past 20 years the rise in diabetes over the nation has been from 5.5 to 9.3 per cent of the population. This is despite the better screening facilities and prevention against diabetes campaigns that are happening around in the country. This is because the lifestyle habits of people have changed. People eat unhealthy, exercise very little and are always under stress.

Ginger Can Help You Fight Nausea and Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Experiencing pregnancy for the very first time is an experience like no other. To feel a life growing inside you is the biggest blessing that a woman has been granted. For nine months you feel the child growing in your womb and feel a love that you have never felt before. But amid all these wonderful feelings there are some physical discomforts that you need to put up with. During your pregnancy, you want to stay away from medication as much as possible and look for natural home remedies.

How To Get More Iron In Your Green Smoothies

In order to keep fit and lead a healthy life, one needs to have iron content in their food. Iron is a must because it is necessary to distribute oxygen in your system and produce energy. Nutritionists recommend that and an omnivorous adult should take 8 mg-10 mg of iron per day. However if you are a vegan, your iron requirement per day is anything between 33 mg-35 mg. Deficiency in iron content in your blood can lead to anemia and lead to a perpetual feeling of weakness in your body. Usually it is either the elderly or pregnant women who are found to have iron deficiencies in their system.

Top Five Iron Rich Green Smoothie Ingredients

Iron is a mineral that must form an integral part of your diet. It is responsible for producing hemoglobin in your body, which is the main energy giver. If you eat an iron deficient diet on a regular basis, your hemoglobin levels will go down causing you to be anemic. Some symptoms of iron deficiency or anemia are often recurrent headaches, leg ache, chest pain or even dizziness of shortness of breath. If you have been experiencing one or more of these symptoms much too often, it’s highly likely that you suffer from iron deficiency in your system.

Nutrition And Health Benefits Of Collard Greens

Belonging to the family of cabbage or cruciferous vegetables, collard greens come laden with good health and nutrition. These greens are known to have originated in the Asia Minor region, but are now cultivated in almost all parts of the world, where the temperatures are on the cooler side. The health benefits of this vegetable are plenty and are a blessing for weight watchers as they are very low on calorie on the one hand and on the other contain a high dose of dietary fibre.

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