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Vegetarian Candida Diet – Managing Life Without Normal Foods

My friend who is a vegetarian found that the candida diet led to a big improvement in her other symptoms within about 60 days. So, it is really worth trying to stick with it if you can! She has found that filling up on plenty of green salads helps. She has a bowl of salad for breakfast and another for lunch (that she has made at the same time). If you want a dressing for it, I suggest either a sprinkle of lemon juice and walnut oil, or maybe blend lightly cooked garlic, cashew nuts (if you can eat them) and a little water together to make a creamy dressing.

The Only Diet That Works? Do Specialists Really Believe That Surgery Is the Only Diet That Works?

According to a report: “Specialists generally agree that surgery is the only proven method to keep weight off.” This exemplifies the misguided quick fix thinking that surrounds weight loss. Of course, it’s a given that extreme plans will fail. If all one does is draw a line in time and say, “Henceforth, I shall never again eat those foods,” or conversely, “Those are the only foods I will eat,” (the traditional patterns of many diets) the result is a fiasco as “the dieter” is not dealing with the actual cause of her problem: it is NOT what she eats, rather how she thinks. A rant…

Vegetarians and the Candida Diet – Eating More Simple Carbs

A woman requested me advices in what can be done for vegetarians in their candida diet. She has been recently diagnosed with candidiasis, although she has never had problems with thrush. Included in her symptoms are headaches, dizziness, feeling as if her brain was swollen, fatigue, muscular pain on especially shoulders, neck, and upper back, very intense cravings for sweet stuff and bread, mild depression and wicked mood swings, etc. The symptoms seem to come and go, so she is still not 100% sure that candida is her problem (the naturopath used something called a Vega machine to diagnose her).

Fad Diets: A Sure Way To Bring Back Your Figure

Who wants to get back to his fantastic body shape a few years back? No need to argue, I am sure that we all want to do that. And I am also positive that we all know that the only solution we can have here is discipline along with the proper exercise and the right diet.

How Does the Mediterranean Diet Promise So Much and Get Away With It?

You keep hearing all these great things about the Mediterranean diet – it’s supposed to help with everything for an obesity problem to Alzheimer’s. It’s enough to make you want to dismiss the whole thing as over-grandiose hype. Except that there something about it all that rings true.

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