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Low Residue Dietary Treatment In The Large Bowel Disorder

Patients with problems in the terminal ileum and large bowel may require a low residue diet. These patients may have regional ileitis, ulcerative colitis, malignant or nonmalignant lesions of the colon or rectum, or hemorrhoids. Regional ileitis and ulcerative colitis are generally treated medically.

How Do People Stay On Medifast While At Their Jobs?

I sometimes hear from people who are considering the Medifast diet but who are concerned about what is going to happen when they have to eat lunch at work. There’s often no way around this because they don’t live close enough to their office to be able to go home and eat. Or sometimes, they live relatively close by but they don’t have enough time. And they aren’t sure if this diet is one that can be consumed at work. I might hear a comment like: “my work doesn’t really have access to a kitchen. I bring my lunch now but it is mostly a sandwich and some fruit. Am I going to be able to bring a Medifast lunch to work with me? How convenient is this diet for someone who is at work all day?”

The Paleo Diet – The Truths You NEED to Know

With so many diets coming and going each year, it’s difficult to figure out which one has all of the answers. One of the most popular diets in the past few years is the Paleo Diet. What is the Paleo Diet and is it safe?

How Do People Go To Parties On The Medifast Diet?

I often hear from people who want to be proactive about dieting, but they already have future obligations that they worry might challenge their diet. These are often special occasions that they can’t cancel or work around. I sometimes have folks ask me what they are supposed to eat if they’re at a party on the Medifast diet. I might hear a comment like: “I really want to start Medifast, but I have a very important baby shower to attend in five weeks. I really want to enjoy my time there. But I don’t want to delay starting my diet either. I am wondering if there is anything that I can eat at the party that isn’t going to wreck my diet. Is it possible to eat something that is diet friendly at a baby shower?”

Why Would You Want To Use Nutrisystem Silver As Opposed To The Regular Plan?

I sometimes hear from people who are wondering about details for the Nutrisystem silver plan. They are often wondering how it is different from the other plans. A common comment might be something like: “what’s so special about the silver plan? Is there any advantage of going with this plan instead of the regular plans? What age should you be for the silver plan?” I’ll try to answer this question in the following article.

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