Try a New Style of Fasting – “Staggered” OMAD (I Made it Up)

To Love Or Hate Crash Diets

So many individuals who deal with weight gain are just sick and tired of being fat. When you have the will power, then you could get rid of that weight. The right method to approach the topic of weight loss is by means of diet and exercise. A lot of folks feel that dieting means that you just stop consuming. This is most undoubtedly not a superb idea. You can find no shortcuts in terms of dieting. It is best to try to eat healthy and maybe exercise to burn off excessive calories.

What Foods Can You Expect To Cut Out Of Your Diet While Following The Suzanne Somers Diet Plan?

Most diet plans suggest that you cut certain foods out of your diet to do the best results from it. In following Suzanne Somers’ diet plan you will do the same. While you never completely cut out a specific food group there are some foods that you will need to avoid while following her diet plan.

Raw Food and Kale – How To Make It Good!

Raw food diets can take some getting used to. And as amazing as they can be for your body, they can be tough on the taste buds! One of the most important parts of eating raw and/or vegetarian, vegan, or any diet for that matter, is getting enough nutrients. And Kale is one super food that knows how to deliver. But boy can it be tough to eat raw if you don’t prepare it right!

Paleo Diet – Getting The Back to the Healthy Basics

Our ancient Paleolithic ancestors thrived all over the globe for countless centuries as hunter-gatherers. Though their life expectancy was shorter than ours, they were very healthy, and had none of our modern day “diseases of civilization.”

Healthy Meal Plans: The Paleo Diet Vs Atkins

Learn the difference between the Atkins diet and the paleolithic diet, and choose the best diet to create healthy meal plans for your family. Both diets have been shown to lead to weight loss, but not all low-carb meal plans are created equal.

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