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Who Said Vegans Can’t Be Bodybuilders?

Have you been wondering where vegan bodybuilders get their protein, or other similar questions? This article will look at some of the common questions and myths that are asked to vegans!

Your Vegan Questions Answered – Everything You Need To Know About Vegans

Perhaps you have heard about the vegan diet and you are somewhat curious about what it involves. Or maybe you are considering becoming a vegan. This article will answer 6 common questions asked regarding this diet.

5 Common Attributes Of A Long-Term Vegan – Proof That The Vegan Diet Is Healthy

So many people speak negatively of the vegan diet, and this is no surprise. They have been led to believe their whole life that eating meat and dairy will help you to grow strong and healthy, and consequently if you do not eat these foods your health will suffer. But oftentimes, it is the health of meat and dairy eaters that is suffering, not the other way around.

Perhaps The Vegan Diet Is The Solution After All – Vegan Observations

Whilst you are struggling with your sicknesses, allergies, low energy levels, poor skin days and excess weight, your vegan friend or workmate is thriving and looking slim and happy. How can this be? How can a person who omits meat and dairy from their diet be looking so healthy? Perhaps the vegan diet is the solution after all…

The Best Gluten Free Alcoholic Beverages

Gluten free living is tough primarily because of the tremendous amount of compromise/readjustment required in terms of the food types an individual should and should not consume. This article attempts to provide some insights on gluten free alcohol and alcoholic beverages.

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