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Discover How To Correct Your pH In Body Cells And Gain Vibrant Health, Energy And Weight Loss

The acceptable range of pH in body is between 7.36 and 7.44. With 7 being the neutral, this shows the body to be slightly alkaline. It is important for this pH level to be maintained in order for the body to perform its functions optimally.

The pH Miracle Diet: Turning Your Life Around Rapidly Using Alkaline Foods

The pH Miracle Diet is a diet that helps people restores their body to a healthy pH level. The human body is meant to be a slightly alkaline environment. On the pH scale, which is measured from 0 to 14, people should aim for a pH level of 7.35 to 7.45. With 0 to 7 being acidic and 7 to 14 being alkaline, the 7.35 to 7.45 range is optimal.

Discover How To Balance Body pH And Get Rid Of Weight, Degenerative Diseases and Boost Energy

The importance of a balanced body pH cannot be emphasized enough. PH imbalance in the body accounts for most of the illnesses and diseases experienced by many people today. For the body to function optimally the pH should be neutral, that is approximately 7.0. A pH number below 7 signifies acidity while those higher than 7.1 signify alkalinity. Since the body is fueled by the kinds of foods one eats, it is important for one to choose their foods carefully.

Acid Reflux Foods to Avoid: The Best and The Worst

There are some acid reflux foods to avoid if the problem of hyper acidity has to be successfully controlled. It is crucial that the pH (potential hydrogen) level of the body, i.e., the acid and alkaline levels, has to be balanced for the body to be healthy. Since the body tends to accumulate acid, and turn more acidic over time, it is important to follow an alkaline diet which includes various green vegetables and fruits.

Find Out Why The Alkaline Cancer Treatment Diet Helps Fight Cancer

Scientists have long known about alkaline cancer treatment. Alkaline cancer treatment consists of eating a vegetarian diet that will rise the pH level in the body. It is usually accompanied with drinking alkaline water.

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