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Why the 2468 Diet Needs to Be Avoided

There are many different diet plans out there, but one that should be ignored by serious dieters who want to lose weight to be healthy is the 2468 diet. For some reason it remains popular, but if you want to know what the big deal is read on to learn why there are much better alternatives… or how to change this eating plan to make it safe and effective.

5 Top Diet Programs for Fat Loss

The increasing rise of obesity has prompted a lot of people to take one long look at their lifestyles and eating habits. The prospect of dying isn’t something that anyone normally relishes, especially when you are young and have just started to enjoy the freedom that having your own job and staying at your own place brings.

There’s a Cookie Diet?

There are many crazy fad diets out there, and some that sound crazy but might have something to them. While there is argument over who has the “real” cookie diet, this article takes a look at Dr. Sass’s cookie diet and what it really is all about.

Guidance for Protein Diet Plans

Protein is essential for our bodies and when on a diet people look forward to high protein diets, usually using protein supplements in order to meet their daily protein requirements. However, unbeknown by many such measures can have their drawbacks.

Drink Water for Peak Performance

I know that you’ve heard that drinking lots of water every day is good for you. But did you know that drinking it mindfully is an important part of living in Peak Performance? Operating at Peak Performance means centering in on the whole of who you are so you feel powerful, healthy, and energetic physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Water obviously supports us to feel better physically, and it also has positive spill-over (pardon the pun!) effects into the mental, emotional and spiritual areas as well.

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