LOWER Ketones = MORE Weight Loss (More Fat Being Used)

Miami Beach Diet – What Is It All About?

If you have decided to go on a diet to get rid of the extra pounds, good for you! Now, this doesn’t have to be some ordeal or some torturous phase of your life- you don’t have to drive yourself crazy, trying to lose weight because thanks to the Miami Beach diet, this so-called task has never seemed simpler! However, before we get to that, you need to understand that following a diet isn’t all about watching what you eat, it is also about cooking it in the proper manner…

3 Day Fad Diet – To Do Or Not To Do?

The 3 Day Fad Diet was created in 1970 and was put together by a doctor at Cleveland Clinic. Because it says that one can lose a good amount of weight in three days, it has gained immense popularity over the years. The 3 day fad diet is also referred to as the Baptist Hospital 3 day diet, the Army 3 day diet and…

Delicious Paleo Late Night Snack Ideas

There’s no doubt the Paleo diet is full of lots of tasty meal ideas and when you start to get the craving for a late night snack, you still won’t have any difficulty finding a variety of recipes. Satisfying your urge for a snack and still eating healthy is easy when you have lots of Paleo late night snack ideas to choose from. Best of all, in most cases, all you’ll need are a few Paleo ingredients and a little imagination.

3 Mouthwatering and Simple Paleo Chicken Recipe Ideas

Just like with any other healthy eating diet, one of the keys to success is having lots of delicious foods available to keep meals interesting. With so many Paleo recipes containing chicken, your recipe list will no doubt contain several tasty Paleo meals made with chicken. Learn 3 simple Paleo chicken recipes you can start making today.

Tips for Having a Diabetes-Friendly Diet

Diabetes control and prevention relies on maintaining a healthy diet that does not require completely eliminating favorite foods. The key is to form healthy eating habits while satisfying your nutritional needs.

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