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The Warrior’s Natural Bodyweight

We seem to have a problem determining what our natural bodyweight should be. If you look at all government charts look at your height and weight you will get a roundabout weight you should weigh. But if you look at old charts, let’s say 20 years ago you may see the weights today compared to 20 or 30 years ago lower than today.

Maximize Your Cheat Day Without Ruining Your Diet

Cheat days are a great addition to your diet program. These reward days actually aid in fat loss and muscle development while allowing you to enjoy the “fun” foods you like. However, cheat days can potentially ruin or even reverse your fitness progress if they are not handled properly. This article provides some tips to ensure that you maximize the benefits of cheat days while minimizing the risks.

When Combined With a Healthy Diet… (Is It the Supplement or Lifestyle Change?)

See, here’s the thing. Should I weigh too much, and should I then choose to “follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly,” I will have no choice but to “lose weight, lower my cholesterol, shed inches, and improve digestion.” It has nothing to do with powders, pills, or potions. Moreover, I can take the money saved to purchase new clothing to better adorn my now-healthier, happier body.

Slow Carb Eating – What Do We Really Know About Fat Gain and Fat Loss?

Long suppressed research is coming to light showing us that “eat less and exercise more” is NOT effective in weight loss and long term results. This article explains that it’s carbohydrates that are crucial — not calories.

Does It Cost More To Customize Your Medifast Order?

I recently heard from someone who was interested in ordering a Medifast package, but she wanted to customize it.  In other words, she wanted more of some foods and less of others. She wanted to know if this sort of customization was an option and, if it was, she wondered if she would be charged extra for it.

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