Keto Tiramisu Recipe [Decadent Low-Carb Breakfast or Dessert]

Diets and Their Issues

Over the last 40 years the diet industry has continued to expand, according to a popular newspaper the diet industry is worth well over 735 million dollars. This article will explore if diets can be a success, or an epic failure.

The Top 4 Great Alkaline Diet Recipes for Your Alkaline Diet

If you want to lose weight, or cleanse your body, just try out these alkaline diet recipes using alkaline diet foods. These recipes are healthy and easy to make which is why it is so much easier following this diet than any other type of diet.

Alkaline Diets for Relief From Cramps and Itches

If you have been suffering from cramps and hive-like itching, read on. Many a time, an alkaline diet can help as excessive acidity triggers cramps and itches!

What Are the Best Foods to Eat to Boost the Immune System This Winter?

Here’s a great question I was asked on a health panel recently: “Dr. Kristen, can you tell is in the simplest way, what’s the best type of nutritional lifestyle to boost the immune system this winter?”

Secrets to a Successful Paleo Diet

Paleo cooking is a great addition to anyone’s diet plan for anyone attempting to lose weight. It is based on simple premises that are proven to show lasting results and great success. It has been in existence for over 10,000 years and has been adapted from the diet our paleolithic ancestors used to survive. This diet has mass appeal and is used by individuals wanting to lose weight or continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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