Keto Slow Cooker Braised Oxtails Recipe

Robert O Young – Diet to Kick Start Your Life With Your Own pH Miracle

Robert O Young is a well-known scientist and nutritionist who promoted the benefits of alkaline diet in the book he co-authored with his wife Shelly Redford Young. The book, called pH Miracle, is certainly a miracle because it cures a series of diseases and health conditions a number of people have actually made it their bible.

Tony Robbins Living Health Plan

Tony Robbins Living Health comes from incorporating a complete lifestyle that will energize the user to reach full fulfillment. His program encourages participants to discover the answer to three key questions.

The Ideal pH Of Food And How To Use It For Weight, Energy And Health

Find out what ph levels are, in food and the body. In recent years, the ph of food has made the news for a couple of reasons. Alkaline levels in the body have been proven to prevent and fight disease, acidic conditions will bring on disease and sickness, and these results come from the ph levels in the foods that you consume.

Avoid These Acidic Food Combinations, Eat Right and Eat Wisely For Good Health

Acidifying nuts are a delicious snack. Acidic food must be combined with alkaline foods to have a normal PH reading. Did you know that human blood is slightly acidic?

What Are High Acid Foods?

High acid foods have always been a part of life. Unfortunately, these items can lead to serious health issues. Recently the link between an acidic body status and cancer has been discovered. Most of this acid build up comes primarily from the types of food that people eat.

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