Keto Recipe – Creamy Cabbage Casserole [Vegetarian-Friendly]

Can Vegetarian Diets Reduce Risks Of Cancer?

It is a well-known fact that plant foods are the most nutritious for the human body. Nature did its job by providing us with fortifying natural foods that when eaten in their whole and natural states provide us with energy, good health and the ability to prevent chronic disease. Now if we can just stay away from the drive-thru and put down the Twinkies we may all live to be a hundred years old. Vegetarians follow a plant-based diet that eliminates meat, poultry, fish and sometimes dairy. Vegans follow a stricter plan that only allows for the intake of plant foods and absolutely no animal products or foods that are made from animals, such as butter. Many studies have been done into the connection between these types of diets and cancer prevention.

Akaline Vs Acidic Debacle

Some people love alkaline diets and water. People say it’s healthier and eating more fruits and vegetables is, But alkaline is a myth and can be deadly too.

YOU: On a Diet

The YOU Diet believes that you need to stop trying and start living.. You need to reprogram your body so that your food choices and overall lifestyle become enjoyable and energizing routines, not stressful burdens.

The “You Are What You Eat” Diet

“You Are What You Eat” tries to help you learn to use your own body as a guide for determining your dietary needs. Follow the prescribed Diet of Abundance and specific regimens of vitamins, spices, and herbs, the diet promises, and you will lose weight, have increased energy, and relieve your digestive, hormonal, and immunity-related problems. This plan pledges that you’ll have better health and a sustained appetite, and you’ll banish your cravings for unhealthy foods.

Captain Obvious Goes on a Diet

There are no supplements that cause weight to “fall off.” There are no creams one can rub into herself to cause weight loss. If you’ve ever wondered why diet ads sound fake, it’s because too many of them are. This piece helps you identify false claims in diet ads.

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