Keto Recipe – Chicken Meatballs with Tomato Cream Sauce

Why Should You Consider a Nutritional Cleansing Diet?

Before jumping into expensive body treatments that promise a sculpted figure and before you even think about ridiculous diets that force you to starve yourself silly, consider a nutritional cleansing diet. Unlike many figure fads, it does not offer unbelievable and irrational promises, except for an assurance to leave you with cleaner and clearer body systems.

Reducing Stress With the pH Miracle Diet

Each food or drink that you consume has a certain acidity or alkalinity. The pH Miracle Diet aims to help you reach a balanced pH in your body, which has many health advantages. The pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, with 1 being acidic and 14 being alkaline. The body functions best at a pH level of about 7.35, which is slightly alkaline, and a range from 7.2 to 7.4 is considered to be good. As a health coach, I find that many people struggle to reach that balanced pH because they eat too many acidic foods, and helping them get to a balanced pH is important. There are many foods and supplements that you can add to your diet to increase alkalinity and decrease acidity, and the pH Miracle Diet can help with this.

Grain Restrictions on the Paleo Diet – How to Successfully Cut Out Grains on the Paleo Diet

Many people have a hard time getting used to the paleo diets grain restrictions. Learn about this common problem and successfully restrict grains from your diet.

Following the Mediterranean Diet for Better Vigor

This diet is wrapped up principally on consuming plant-based foods, which are low in fat, often high in dietary fiber, and filled with vitamins and minerals. Fruits and vegetables are the vital staple in this diet, as well as whole grains, legumes and nuts.

A Shopping List Guide to Individuals on a Gluten Free Diet

If you are on a gluten free diet, don’t stand between aisles of the grocery store, clueless and frustrated. Shopping for non-gluten food items is actually easier than you think.

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