Keto Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe That’s BETTER Than Starbucks and just 1 NET CARB

The Medifast 5+1 Or The 4+2: How Do You Decide Which Plan Is For You?

I sometimes hear from people who are confused as to which Medifast plan to choose. I get a good deal of questions from people trying to determine the differences between the 4 + 1 or the 5 +1. I often hear comments like “I am trying to decide between the Medifast 4 +1 or the 5+1. What’s the real difference? Which are most people on? I like the idea of having two larger meals, but I’m not sure if the calories are low enough for me to lose decent amounts of weight on that plan.” I’ll try to offer some clarification in the following article.

The Zone Diet Plan

A brief look at the Zone diet plan. A credible contender for the title of CrossFit diet.

Why Drink Protein Shakes

Why are Hollywood stars obsessed with Protein diets – they drink protein shakes every now and then? Here’s a little something to share. Do you know that protein aids in metabolism and digestion?

How to Diet Food Review – Watermelon

This antioxident is known to be found in great quantities inside a watermelon. Lycopene is unique among antioxidents in that most other antioxidents have only been studied in animals, while this one has human test trial results.

How to Diet Food Review – Broccoli

There are seven grams of fiber per a three quarters cup of broccoli. This makes broccoli one of the greatest sources of fiber in the natural world.

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