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Phases of the Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet is based on the concept of ketosis wherein the body’s excess, stored body fat is being burned in order for weight loss to happen. The daily intake of carbs in the diet should only be 15 to 60 grams and dieters are encouraged to take in foods high in protein and fat instead. In order for ketosis to occur, the intake of carbs should only be 40 grams per day because once fat is broken down the formation of ketones occur and appetite is naturally suppressed.

What Is a Low Sodium Diet? Facts Explained

A low-sodium diet is normally recommended for people with high blood pressure and heart failure. A low-sodium diet essentially means a drastic reduction in a person’s salt intake from the daily diet, as salt is mainly composed of sodium. Sodium is an essential mineral that keeps the body fluids balanced in the human body.

Cheating On Medifast Once A Week – Will This Affect Your Results?

I sometimes hear from people who suspect that they are going to have problems staying on Medifast for 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. So, they often wonder about the possibility of cheat days. They also want to know if a whole day (or days) of cheating will derail their results enough to negate the other six days of compliance. I recently heard from someone who said: “can I take cheat days on Medifast? And if so, what happens when I do? Might I cancel out my hard work from the rest of the week? Might I actually gain weight? I’d like to have a cheat day on the weekends sometimes. How do most people handle this? Do you take the same day each week? Do you limit yourself on the days you cheat?”

Paleo – Natural Detox Diet

All of us at one time or other have been on a detox diet and there are many of them, but finding one that is actually healthy is difficult. The Paleo diet is a natural detox diet and can be used in complete confidence without experiencing hunger or without any side affects. We ingest a tremendous amount of chemicals and harmful additives in our modern diet.

Why You NEED the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean “Diet,” when being called a “diet,” is used because of its low use or consumption of saturated fats, “bad” cholesterol, red meats, salt, and processed goods. Because of this, and more, the Mediterranean Diet is revered as one of the most positive and healthy cuisines in the world. Longevity in the people of the Mediterranean Basin is the result of Mediterranean Food and its incredible benefits.

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