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Creating Your 1st Perfect Paleo Meal and Diet Plan

The Paleo meal and diet plan is based from the paleolithic diet, or caveman diet. This diet takes us back to the caveman days, when meals were simple, meat, vegetables, fruits, gathered or hunted. This kind of diet was popularized during the seventies by a well-known gastroenterologist named Walter L. Voegtlin, that suggested that many of the problems people faced at that time with the stomach, or poor health in general was because of the processed foods we were eating.

Brazilian Diet Pills: The New Kid on the Dieting Block

In the weight loss market is the new pill: the Brazilian diet pill. It is claimed that this pill scientifically improves the body’s metabolic system so that the body is unable to store any fats in the system. But is that a mere allegation?

What Are The Paleo Diet and Paleolithic Diet?

Are you interested in eating like your prehistoric grandparents? The Paleolithic diet might be just the thing you are looking for. There are some key differences between the Paleo diet and the kind of diet most humans eat today. To start with, meat is very important in a Paleolithic diet, yet most people today try to limit how much meat they eat. During caveman times, meat was a huge part of where the calories came from. In a typical Paleo diet plan, meat accounts for a large part of caloric intake. In addition, many Stone Age diet practitioners only eat grass-fed, free-range meat to get as close to Paleo meat as they can.

Juicing Recipes For Detoxing Your Body

Your body is designed and meant to remove toxins as a part of its self-cleansing natural process, also known as detoxing or detox. Juicing is one of the most powerful ways to assist and speed up the process by the use of cleansing ingredients and combining it with concentrated nutrition to help the body perform this function better. Studies have shown that a person has at least 5 to 10 pounds of accumulated toxins in their body.

Paleo Diet – Heart Healthy Diet

Worried about your heart? Is there really a heart healthy diet that I can trust? Our heart’s health should be of concern to all of us because over 60 million American presently have coronary disease of some type.

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