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What You Need to Know About the Paleolithic Diet

The Paleolithic diet, or Paleo diet as it is commonly referred to, is a diet that contains only natural foods that aim to help you achieve great health. The diet is also called the ‘Stone Age’ diet and it is a nutritional plan based on the assumed ancient diet of wild plants and animals that were consumed by humans during the Paleolithic era. The diet mostly consists of meat and eggs as the key components. The animals from which the meat and eggs come from should have been fed on a completely natural or organic diet. For example, an egg should be from a fowl that is fed on greens, insects, grains, etc. Cattle should have been fed on green pastures and fish must be wild and not bred in human-run fish colonies. The Paleo diet is not just a diet but also a lifestyle that encourages natural living that is in harmony with the environment.

Why the Paleo Diet May Be the Best Choice for You

Everybody knows that reducing excess body weight helps in ensuring a healthy life. Considering the numerous cons of obesity and its allied effects, many people are always making plans to shed the excess weight. For this reason, some may rely on dieting, while some others on exercising. There are also many who combine these and may even approach a physician for slimming medications. However, only a small of portion of people who start dieting are able to stick to it for the specified period of time. Tedious working schedules and an irresistible love for junk foods are just two reasons for this.

Losing Weight With Nutrisystem Flex: Are People Really Successful On This Plan?

Admittedly, there’s a lot to like about the Nutrisystem Flex plan. It’s cheaper than the other plans. And you get to take weekends (or any two days) off and eat your own foods on your “off” days. Many people look at all of the pros about the Nutrisystem Flex program and wonder if there are some cons too. And of course, the most prevalent questions on everyone’s mind would be: is it effective? Or does it work to help you lose weight? I heard from someone who said “the Nutrisystem Flex plan is so tempting. I could enjoy the weekends with my family and then I could be good at work during the week. Plus, it’s not as expensive as some of the other plans. But is there a catch? Does it really work? Do people really lose weight taking two days off? It almost seems too good to be true. ” I will try to answer these questions in the following article.

All the Benefits to Eating Locally and More

There’s a movement that’s been trending for a couple of years now. The people of this movement call themselves “locavores,” and they eat only foods grown within 100 miles of their home. The benefits of eating local foods are many: supporting local farmers, boosting the economy of a community, getting to know where your food comes from, improved nutrient density of foods, it’s environmentally-friendly, and it’s a cheaper alternative to buying organic.

What Is the Raw Food Diet and Is It Right for You?

Today, there is a large variety of diets available for people to choose from if they are seeking a way to lose weight. Currently, one of the more popular ones out there is the raw food diet and if you are asking yourself what this diet is, you are not alone. The raw food diet is said to have many health benefits for your body as it is made up primarily of unprocessed, uncooked and organic foods.

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