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Diabetic Renal Diet

Formulating the basics of a diabetic renal diet is a very important issue as diabetes is the single biggest cause of renal failure. Many people suffering from kidney problems are also diabetics. Combining a renal diet with a diabetic diet has a number of challenges. Looking for an acceptable diet for both kidney failure and diabetes can appear to be very limiting to the patient at first. The main objective for a diabetic diet is to maintain healthy sugar levels in the blood at all times.

What Is Renal Dialysis?

Renal dialysis, or kidney dialysis, is the physical filtering procedure used to artificially remove waste products and excess water from the blood stream. The kidneys are the filtering organs that generally perform this task for us. They control the salt, electrolyte and fluid balance in the bloodstream necessary for all the systems in the body to function properly. If the kidneys become damaged or diseased and their filtering ability compromised, toxins and water accumulate in the bloodstream and will eventually poison the person if nothing is done to help them. Renal dialysis is used as a bridging procedure until either the kidney functions are restored, or the patient gets a kidney transplant.

What Is A Renal Diet?

A Renal diet is an eating plan worked out to help people suffering from renal diseases to boost the effectiveness of treatment by minimizing the levels of waste products in their blood. The renal diet is designed to cause as little extra work or stress on the damaged kidneys as possible, while still providing sufficient good nutrients and energy that the body needs. A renal diet follows several basic guidelines. The first guideline is that it must be a balanced, healthy and sustainable diet, rich in fibers, vitamins, natural grains, carbohydrates, omega 3 fats and fluids. Proteins should be adequate, but not excessive.

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Savor That Paleo Meal

The leanest seafoods you can enjoy are fresh or frozen catfish, cod, flounder, haddock, halibut, orange roughy, salmon, tilapia, trout, tuna, smoked herring, sardines, oysters, and shellfish (shrimp, lobster,clams, crab, scallops). Fish is a good source of omega-3, so the following items are good sources that are high in omega-3: salmon, trout, sardines, mackerel, snapper and canned white tuna. Fish oil is beneficial because it is believed to be a treatment for depression and it is important in brain function.

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