Keto Blackberry and Zucchini Crumble Recipe

Reasons Why You Need To Avoid Soft Drinks

With summer incoming, soft drink companies have started their roll. From cricket matches to soccer games to daily TV soaps, soft drinks are advertised in the midst of each event or show. But a few are aware of the adverse effect of soft drinks.

The Dorm Room Diet

The “freshman 15” can be avoided if you consciously decide to sit on the sidelines during late-night pizza binges! Living the college life often translates into late-night studying while snacking on junk food, ordering pizza after a long night of partying, and forgetting about that pastime once practiced in high school – exercise. With the stress of exams and all of the changes taking place as you enter college, it is easy to forget about all of the healthy eating habits you once had at home.

Why Should You Start A Vegan Lifestyle

With so many people around the world looking to embark on a greener lifestyle it is no wonder that the Vegan lifestyle is receiving a large amount of attention lately as well. From people who are looking to embark in just some minor changes to those who are looking to completely revamp their entire lifestyle.

A Paleo Diet Menu

A paleo diet menu seems to be a rather contentious issue at the moment with different people stating different opinions. It should be blatantly obvious to even the blind that the food that we eat today does not, I repeat does not do us any favours.

Organic Panic

Organic eating seems to be the trending topic now a days. From television, to celebrities and social media, it seems that organic clean eating and fitness are in this season. For those of you who don’t eat organic, I warn you that you’re likely growing alien pods or baby rat formations inside your belly.

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