Is Diet Soda WORSE Than a Sugary Soda?

Why the Mediterranean Diet Is Good for You

This diet is different than most diets in that the emphasis is on fresh fruits and vegetables almost like a vegetarian diet but you are allowed to have meat or fish in this diet. This type of eating is from the Mediterranean, but the whole Mediterranean.

2010 Christmas Party Preparation – Most Ladies Will Be Dieting Beforehand

Over half of U.K women diet down before the eventful Christmas party, only to put the weight lost back on after the Christmas party. According to research found by the website My Celebrity Fashion, pre-party dieting has become the new period of dieting, replacing the after Christmas dieting that use to be so popular.

Trying to Lose Weight With Low Calorie Diet Plan? – A Better Solution to Your Diet Plan

Weight loss has a very simple principle. It is either you consume fewer calories or you burn more calories. These two methods are the simple ways to achieve weight loss. But if you trying to lose weight with a low calorie diet plan but do not have much success, then I have a better solution for you.

Dukan Diet Tips – Importance of Physical Activity

Do you feel like your weight loss is at a plateau? As with most diet plans, you can benefit so much from adding some physical activity to your daily routine. The benefits are great and it isn’t as hard as you think.

Surviving The South Beach Diet Phase One

In the South Beach Diet, there is a period of adjustment called Phase One, in which you’ll need to take two weeks to learn how to remove all of the harmful carbohydrates and fats from your diet. Once you are through this period you are home free and a lot lighter.

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