Intermittent FASTING Tips for Beginners (Makes Fasting Easier) 2021

Robert Young pH Miracle: How The Diet Works and How It Makes You Healthier

The ‘Robert Young pH Miracle’ is the culmination of years of research by Dr Robert Young. For the last 25 years Dr Young has been at the forefront of cellular nutrition and the benefits of an acid alkaline diet.

Dr Robert Young: How The Alkaline Diet Strives For Optimal Health and Energy

Doctor Robert Young is an author and a microbiologist. As a research scientist he has conducted inquiries as pertaining to how the chemicals in the body interact with one another. The primary focus of his research is based on the cellular levels of interaction. He strives to pinpoint those factors which make us sick, and allow germs and bacteria have to attack the functions of our bodies.

Discover Why Eating Alkaline pH Foods Improves Health, Energy And Melts Fat

Before we talk of alkaline diet, you must first understand what is an alkaline pH food and what is acidic PH. Actually acidity or alkalinity levels can be indicated using a litmus paper. A litmus paper is actually a strip of paper that just gives the indications of whether the existing environment is either acidic or basic.

Healthy Snacking

With today’s hectic lifestyle, time is always of the essence and as such sit down meals, especially during the day, have taken a back seat and snacking has taken its place. Constant snacking whether at work or at home is an easy way to pile on the pounds as most of the snacks that are devoured will contain high amounts of calories and be just generally not very good for you. In this helpful article I hope to show you how to partake in healthy snacking and get fast food not fat…

NutriSystem Review – Additional Benefits That Come With Food Options

A lot of NutriSystem reviews rave about the weight loss that they experienced after going through their program. Most of these programs have some similarities that include the freedom over the food options, the large number of options that the dieter gets to choose from, the competitive price of the food items and many more.

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