I’m Taking NMN – My Experience with this “Longevity” Supplement

The Differences Between The Atkins Diet And The Medifast Diet

Every where you look there’s another diet that promises fast, easy and painless weight loss. Turn on the television and there’s an ad for a new plan, open a magazine and find another. Today, however, we will be looking at two plans, Atkins and Medifast. From the outset, I will admit that I am convinced that Medifast is the better choice, better because it is healthier.

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet: A Key to Eating Well

What you eat has an effect on what ails you and how to correct it. Read more to find out how you can help treat your symptoms by making better food choices.

Things to Eat to Lose Weight – 3 Most Overlooked Foods

You have been working out everyday yet all the excess weight does not seem to come off. It may possibly be that you are not consuming the right stuff. You ought to read (eat) regular meals that are balanced. Furthermore the meals should contain appetite suppressing foods. What is unique about these foods is that they fill you up; make you feel like your stomach is already full. Accordingly, you devour less. However, the good news is that they contain very few calories. In fact there are many things to eat to lose weight, both natural and artificial. But to shed weight and keep it off permanently, it is important that you stick to the natural stuff, like real food.

Things to Eat to Lose Weight – The Magic Diet

Many types of foods have been cited as unhealthy for your body. This includes all diets that contain high levels of processed sugars and saturated fats. Such foods can literally wreck havoc on your attempts at losing weight. However, there are certain things to eat to lose weight effectively. These include vegetables, fruits, whole-grain cereals, proteins and other whole foods. Although the choice of weight loss foods can be long and confusing to choose from, here are a few simple strategies to get you started in finding the best things to eat to lose weight:

The Dukan Diet For People Who Think That Diets Don’t Work

The Dukan Diet is for people who have already tried other weight loss plans and found that diets don’t work. Get over the plateau easily with Dr. Dukan’s method.

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