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Are You Allowed To Have Potatoes On The Medifast Diet?

It’s a fact that the most common vegetable in most people’s diet (especially in the West) is the potato. So if you’re considering a diet, you’re probably wondering if you’re going to have to give this staple up. I heard from someone who said: “I really want to try the Medifast diet because I have two coworkers who have had wonderful results on it. But I’ve heard that I will have to give up potatoes. I can’t bear the thought of that because this is one of my favorite foods. I love them baked, fried, and in chips. How can I give them up?”

Eating Paleo Food? See Here What Can Be Dangerous

When starting on any new dietary venture, some changes in your usual eating schedule are bound to change. The paleolithic diet is no exception.

Day 3 Juice Fast

Day 3 of my Juice Fast Diet. Juice Fasting is a new diet made popular by a documentary on Netflix. It involves not eating any solid foods. Everything you ingest is done via juice. Day 3 is when you body begins to detoxify.

Day 4 of My Juice Fast Diet

Day 4 of my Juice Fast Diet finds me becoming acclimated to the diet. I have to start interfacing with others on a social level, which brings on new challenges.

Day 2 of My Juice Fast

Day 2 is the continuation of my experience with a Juice Fast diet. Juice Fasting is a popular diet being used to detoxify, and help develop healthy eating.

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