If I Only Do Shakes And Bars On The Medifast Diet, Will It Help Me Lose More Weight?

If I had to pinpoint the Medifast foods about which I’m asked the most often, these foods would without a doubt be the plan’s shakes and bars. Sometimes, people ask me if limiting themselves to just the shakes and bars will help them to lose weight faster or to be more successful on the plan. There seems to be a perception that these two menu items are more in line with the diet than the rest. Although these food items are popular, they don’t contain fewer calories or less carbohydrates and sugars than any of the others. In fact, all the Medifast foods are designed to be similar in this regard. To show you what I mean, let’s compare the shakes and bars with a few of the other foods.

What Is the Paleo Diet and How Can It Benefit You?

This is an overview of the Paleo or Caveman diet which has become very popular because of the many health benefits that can result from following this way of eating. Includes a list of foods that are allowed on the diet and those that should be avoided in order to achieve maximum results.

Can I Order The Chef’s Table Meals Without A Package On Nutrisystem?

I’ve noticed a high amount of interest on my blog regarding the new chef’s table meals on Nutrisystem. I’ve had a couple of people ask me if it is possible to order these items separately or a la carte without having to order one of the packages. In case you didn’t know, many of the diet’s meals are available for individual purchase. So I went on the company’s website to see if this was the case for these new entrees.

What If I’m Hungry When I Start Medifast?

I sometimes hear from folks who are worried that they are going to be hungry and uncomfortable on Medifast. I heard from someone who said: “I’ve been on countless diets and I’m always hungry, so I have very strong suspicions that I’m also going to be uncomfortable on Medifast. What do people typically do when hunger hits?” In the following article, I’ll offer some tips on how to deal with hunger on this diet.

Can You Eat Dessert Every Day On Nutrisystem’s Basic Favorites Program?

Without any doubt, I believe that your ability to eat sweets and desserts is a big draw to the Nutrisystem diet. Not many diets allow this on any type of regular basis. People sometimes ask me if you’re allowed to eat a dessert every day on this diet or if this is just limited to weekends or special occasions.

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