Freeze MCT + Butter Coffee to Make on the Go Breakfast (Quick Recipe)

The Gallbladder Diet – Help in Preventing Gallstones

Usually, you don’t hear about people’s gallbladders until something goes wrong. The gallbladder diet is designed to help people recuperating from gallbladder related illnesses or surgery. This small, pear shaped organ located near the liver.

Is the Alkaline Diet Effective For Weight Loss?

For a clearer understanding of how the Alkaline Diet works, let’s revisit Chemistry 101. A liquid substance can be classified through its pH (power of Hydrogen). This scale shows hydrogen’s activity in the given liquid sample. The more hydrogen ions a substance contains, the more acidic it is. In contrast, less hydrogen means an alkaline solution.

Is the Adipex Diet Pill Safe?

Trying to lose weight when you are obese can be very stressful. Some argue that weight loss pills like Adipex (Generic Name: Phentermine) can be a helpful comrade in the war against fat. But, some studies have shown that Adipex also poses a threat to your health.

The DASH Diet

This diet is originally conceived in 1992 as a way to find the right diet to combat rising cases of morbid hypertension among Americans. Today, after years of exhaustive studies by different health institutions, DASH diet promoted by the United States Government not only for people with hypertension but also as a healthy model diet for every American to prevent lifestyle diseases.

A Personal Diet and Fitness Manager Can Be Real or Virtual

Most people are aware of personal diet and fitness managers being real people who deal individually with those who want to change their health habits for the better. But now, you can have a trainer that you can download over the internet who keeps watch over you through your personal computer.

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