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The Tony Robbins Diet

The Tony Robbins alkaline diet was created by Tony Robbins who was born Anthony J Mahavorick. His diet follows the work of Robert O. Young. They both believe the body has too little acid in it due to the normal diet and that is why people are fat. So the new diet encourages people to eat more vegetables, but it is a vegetarian diet.

Ideal Urine pH And Alkaline Urine – Plus How To Adjust It

The urine pH determines specific health conditions and diseases in human beings. PH means potential hydrogen or the measurement of hydrogen ion in a solution. It is advised by doctors to find out the root cause of certain illnesses. Urine pH is a term used to segregate urine as a base solution or dilute acid.

How to Alkalinize Your Body Rapidly For Optimal Results

Figuring out how to alkalize your body and the benefits associated with it can have lasting effects on your overall health. When you properly alkalinize your body you allow for a method of natural prevention of some illness and diseases. A common way to obtain this benefit is to ensure that your body is not too acidic.

Learn How To Avoid Acidic Foods So That You Can Live Healthier and With More Energy

To have a healthy diet and a happy body, it’s important to learn the acidic foods to avoid. Though some foods and beverages — coffee and some fruit juices, for instance — are well-known to be acidic, most people don’t realize exactly how many foods in their diet are in fact considered acidic.

Discover How Alkaline Diet Recipes Whip Up Better Health

In general, this diet involves ingesting certain fresh citrus fruits and food that is low in sugar it promotes to avoid food which is high in acid such as grains, dairy, meat, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and fungi. It actually cut off the daily intake of acidic foods to a limit of 30% and boosts your alkaline intake to 70%. The goal is to limit or even eliminate the ingestion of foods which are detrimental to health and replace it with savory healthy alkaline diet recipes.

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