Fasting Doesn’t Help WEIGHT LOSS? (Dr Jason Fung Wrong?) Intermittent Fasting – 2021

Losing Fat 101: A Proven Fat Burning Diet – Why It Works Better Than Restricted Calorie Diets

The Concept of fat burning rather than weight loss is becoming one of the most popular diet methods around. This article discusses some key observations regarding a successful fat burning solution.

Fat Blasting Diet: Why Following a Proven Fat Loss Program Is Far Superior to Any Conventional Diet

Changing your fat burning mindset is all you really need to start burning 5 pounds of fat per week. Forget conventional dieting, there is a better way. An eating plan that focuses strictly on fat loss is worth investigating if your at a loss in your efforts to lose weight.

Where and Why Most Diet Solutions Fail

One of the biggest myths amongst the many diet solutions out there is that to lose weight you need to eat smaller portions. This idea is so prominent and popular now that most people simply accept it as the truth and as an actual, valid diet solution. This idea is a myth!

Low GI Recipes – How They Can Help in a Better Lifestyle

Recipes come in all sorts of forms today. While some of them stay around for a really long time, others tend to simply remain a fad diet for now, to be replaced with something else eventually. Well, the concept of low GI recipes is probably going to fall in the former category, mainly because it is a scientifically proven recipe approach.

P90X Nutrition Information – Vital P90X Nutrition Advice for Maximum Weight Loss and Muscle

P90X is a great workout, but if you don’t follow the P90X nutrition plan you’ll not experience that maximum benefits from this popular program. In this short article, we’ll take a look at several key factors for maintaining an optimal P90X diet, and hopefully by the time you’re finished reading you will have picked up on a few things that will assist you in achieving the best P90X results possible…

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