Do NOT Get Certain Frozen Foods at Walmart (Look for These Instead)

NLP for Weight Loss – Better Thinking for Faster Weight Loss!

As an NLP consultant, I recommend NLP tools / techniques to anyone who wants to achieve an ideal shape, weight loss and toning. One tool in particular is this – first, think about this deeply before starting out! If your mind is not clear about what you want to achieve (the outcome), then you may be doomed to failure even before you begin.

Raw Foods Diet – 3 Top Reasons To Eat a Raw Food Diet

There are many important advantages to be gained by following a raw food diet. Not the least of which is healthier skin, a slimmer waistline and increased energy levels. Cooked food removes many of the important nutrients found in foods prepared with raw food diet recipes. These important nutrients, vitamins and minerals are found in abundance in healthy, uncooked food.

Zone Diet

Eat in moderation, eat more fruits and vegetables and focus on one protein at every meal. This is a strategy for hormonal balance. What is the Zone diet? The hormone balance that occurs every time you eat. A perfect balance.

Dukan Diet – Attack Phase Success

The Dukan diet has encouraged millions of people to lose weight successfully. In this article I will highlight some of the reasons for the success of the first phase of the diet, the attack phase.

Go RAW – Use Vegan Protein Powder

Vegan protein powder is a dietary supplement utilized by many athletes and workout enthusiasts especially after workouts. Vegan protein powder is great for athletic recovery and the aiding of muscle repair after workouts. One important place to begin the search for a good supplement is to make sure you are getting a “raw” supplement.

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