Cholesterol and Heart Disease Misconceptions | Interview with Dr. Stephen Hussey

Forks Over Knives – What Do We Learn From This Documentary?

‘Forks over knives’ is an extra-ordinary documentary on healthy living. It embarks on a life-changing discovery that by adopting plant-based diet and avoiding animal-based foods, the majority of the severe and fatal diseases can be prevented, handled and may even be reversed. Follow the inspiring stories of several ordinary men and women who embraced whole-food plant based diet to treat their crippling health conditions.

How To NOT Gain Weight On The Vegan Diet – Low-Calorie Vegan Advice

On the vegan diet you should experience a profound detoxification of your body, a restoral of your health, a newfound zest for life, and of course – weight loss. Most folk who go on the vegan diet WILL lose weight – but there are the minority who do not. What are they doing wrong?

Why Vegan Foods Are Low In Calorie Content – Vegan Weight Loss Information

Of course all foods need to be eaten in moderation – that goes without saying. But some foods can be enjoyed in larger quantities without having to stress about the calorie content. What are these foods? Is it possible to eat a large meal without feeling guilty?

The Paleo Diet – Is It For You?

The Paleo Diet could be very healthy or it could cause health problems. Here are some of the pros and cons.

Vegan Weight Loss – 5 Reasons Why You WILL Lose Weight On The Vegan Diet

Many folks venture into the vegan lifestyle for a variety of reasons. Weight loss however, is a popular motive. In fact, people swear by this diet, asserting that if all meat and dairy products are taken out of one’s diet – weight loss ensues.

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