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Baking Without Gluten Can Be Fun and Tasty!

I have been baking since I could stand on a chair and mix thing together in a bowl. Many of my creations, although quite delicious, were not very nutritious. Experimenting with new ways of cooking and baking is fun for me! I have found ways of baking sans gluten that have been quite satisfying and delicious.

Exercising On Medifast: What Is Suggested?

I heard from someone who said: “I just ordered Medifast but I’m not clear on the exercise requirements. I am by no means an athlete and I will admit that I hate working out, but I would be willing to walk or ride my bike if that would help me to lose the weight. But I have one friend who says that the workouts are required on Medifast and another who says that you’re not supposed to exercise while on the plan. Who is right?”

Delicious Paleo Meatloaf Recipes

With just a few subtle changes the traditional meatloaf recipe can be changed up enough to be classed as a fully approved Paleo Meatloaf. Try these delicious recipes today!

If I Order The Nutrisystem Core Plan, What Would Be Included?

Often when people begin to start comparison shopping for Nutrisystem, they usually figure out pretty quickly that the core plan is often among the cheapest offerings. And that’s probably one of the biggest reasons that it’s among the company’s most popular plan. I sometimes get questions about what is included in it. I’ll go over the answer to that concern below.

Which Medifast Meals Fill You Up the Most?

I sometimes hear from people who are very concerned about hunger on Medifast, especially during certain times of the day. I had someone ask me: “what do you consider the most filling Medifast meal? Because I have such a long commute, I have to eat my breakfast very early in the morning. Once lunch time rolls around, I’m absolutely famished. So I need to either load up on breakfast or eat a very filling lunch. What are the most filling options?” I’ll address these concerns below.

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