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What Are Some Of The Beliefs Behind The Medifast Diet?

I heard from someone who said: “I’ve tried a lot of diets. And I think I have a pretty good handle on why at least some of them haven’t worked. Essentially, I don’t like to work too hard. I don’t like to get bored. And I don’t like to feel deprived or hungry. And yet, I don’t feel as if any diet really covers these bases. What are the beliefs behind the Medifast diet? And how does it differ from the others?”

Diets Don’t Work: Yo-Yo Dieting

Yo-Yo dieting is not just losing weight and putting it back on, it carries with it severe negative psychological and physiological effects. Find out why Yo-Yo dieting is damaging so many people who believe it’s the best way to lose weight!

Diets Don’t Work: How To Effectively Lose Body Fat

How to effectively to lose body fat! Too many people are tricked into thinking that the latest fad diet is the way to slim down and look athletic. However this isn’t true, there are more effective and safer ways to lose body fat.

Pretzels On The Nutrisystem Diet: Are They Allowed?

I sometimes hear from people who love a specific food and who don’t want to give that food up, even if they should chose to begin the Nutrisystem diet. They often want to make sure that they can still have their favorite foods, at least some of the time. I heard from someone who said: “I really want to start Nutrisystem because I think that it would be easy to follow with my work schedule. But, I have to admit that I eat a soft pretzel every day since there’s a vending cart by my work that sells particularly delicious ones. Would I still be able to eat pretzels on this diet?”

Diets Don’t Work – The Science Behind The Failure

How many of you know someone who has tried a popular diet and failed!? There is a reason for why so many diets fail and this article explains why. The science behind the failure!

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