9 BioHacks for People over Age 50 to Optimize Longevity

Atkins Diet Meal

Atkins diet meals consist of five meals per day. Each dish can be very healthy and appealing to any individual regardless their tastes. The five meals consist of breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner…

Best Fad Diet – Which One Is the Best?

Fad diets are basically diets that follow eating pattern to gain weight loss without restricting any calories consumption. The problem is there are so many fad diets that come up every day it becomes extremely difficult to decide which one is the best fad diet. The following is list of fad diets that work.

The 17 Day Diet Review

The 17 day diet has exploded in popularity since it was featured on television in early December as a way to lose weight during the holidays. But does the diet plan live up to the hype…

Hollywood Diet Plan – Get Lean Quickly

For a long time women have been obsessed with the way actresses and models look. The perfectly flawless stunning figures that we all would love to have. One way to have that flawless figure is doing the same diet with these actresses and models…

Vegan Diet Tips

What would a vegan diet plan be? Vegan means a person who chooses to be completely vegetarian.

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