9 Beginner Keto Tips Everyone Should Know

Vegetable Soup Diet – 7 Days Recipe

Vegetable soup diet is one of the sought after diet foods. The soup has the advantages of being rich in nutrition as well as low in calories. As a result, the soup will help losing your weight…

The Raw Food Diet

A Raw Food diet advocates believe that raw food provides more energy for the body and lessens the risk of disease. However, further studies are needed to prove such. As some researchers believe that raw diet can also deprive important nutrients from the body, which could potentially lead to severe undernourishment.

Facts About Obesity

Being obese is absolutely one of the biggest problem a person may face. The presence of certain ingredients to make the fast food stuff more tasty is what makes it harmful to our body. A good example of this includes the flavor additive that can cause cancer, brain damage, vision problems, heart attacks and depression. Fast food comes with excess oil and fat above certain levels that may be responsible for certain diseases.

High Protein Diets – Critical Facts You Should Know

We all know how important protein is for the body. The amino acids in protein are the “building blocks” by which the cells of our nails, hair, muscles, among others…

The Mediterranean Diet

This article describes the meals you will taste around the Mediterranean Sea. It gives an overlook of the fruits, vegetables, meats and pasta you will get in these countries and which as considered to add to your health.

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