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How to Eat Like a Caveman

Why on earth should you eat like a Caveman? Because it’s healthy! This article will explain the diet the cavemen ate, and why it is so good for us, even now, thousands of years later.

Information To Clear Up Some Common Misconceptions About Nutrisystem

I sometimes hear from people who tell me that they are confused about certain aspects of the Nutrisystem diet. Some don’t understand how often you’re supposed to eat. Others don’t quite get what types of foods you eat. Many don’t understand how the add ins or the grocery store sides work. And I’m often also asked about exercising and counseling and how both of these things come into play. So, in the following article, I’ll try to explain just how Nutrisystem works in the hopes of clearing up any misconceptions that you might have.

How To Create A Paleo Meal

Making a Paleo Meal is actually pretty simple. All you need are the right ingredients on hand, and this article will teach you what you need to choose when putting together your Paleo meals.

What Exactly Is the Paleo Diet?

Sometimes there is confusion regarding the Paleo Diet. What is it exactly? Why is it called “Paleo?” This article will explain the basics about the Paleo Diet and why you must avoid sugar and artificial food additives when on it.

The Paleo Diet and The Dangers of Processed Foods

We have certainly come a long way in making the storage of food convenient. But along with this convenience, we have had to seriously compromise our health with the chemicals we have added. The Paleo Diet does not allow processed foods, and this article explains why.

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