10 Keto Casserole Recipes Perfect for Weeknights and Meal Prep

Diet – To Eat Or Not To Eat Meat

The question of which diet is healthier, one including meat or one excluding meat commonly referred to as a vegetarian diet, has been argued over the years with the supporters of eating meat by far outnumbering the vegetarians. I am a vegetarian myself and became one because I am firmly convinced that it is a more natural diet for human beings. The word vegetarian is not derived from vegetable as most people think, but from the Latin word vegus which means “full of life”.

Healthy Nutrition Tips: How To Prepare Fresh Juices for Maximum Health Benefits and Enjoyment

Making fresh juices and drinking them every day is one of the best routines you can develop. Juices are delicious, nourishing and super-healthy. So, I want to encourage you to have some fun with your juicing.

What Is A Calorie Shifting Diet?

People interested in losing weight want to know ‘what is a calorie shifting diet’? This diet is a specific plan designed to fight the slowdown that will occur in the metabolism when too few calories are consumed. The reason so many dieters find it difficult to lose weight is that our bodies are designed to preserve fat stores.

Uric Acid Diet

The metabolism of purines within the body produces uric acid. Excess uric acid is removed from the body through the major organs including the liver and kidneys. If the excess uric acid is not flushed out of the body correctly, high levels of uric acid become accumulated in the blood and this increased concentration in the blood often results in problems such as kidney disease and Gout. If you suffer from the symptoms of high Uric acid and gout you should consider following a proven Uric Acid Diet.

Feeling Healthy and Shedding the Pounds

I’m here to talk about ways that I have used to lose weight and begin a healthier, happier lifestyle. I’m looking for as much feedback as possible in all of my research and products I find and recommend.

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