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The Paleo Diet: Getting Eaten by a Lion and Losing Weight

What is Paleo? Is it a crazy fad diet or sensible suggestions on health and nutrition that are based on both science and history?

Basic Information On Spirulina Powder

Among the many dietary supplements that have become fairly prominent over the past several years, there is a class of supplements that are specifically appealing because of the many nutritional benefits that are present in a single natural source. Spirulina powder is one of these supplements. It can be made into a powder, into a tablet, or into flakes that are designed to be taken in supplement form.

Good Diets That Work Fast

Find out how to lose 10 pounds in 7 days. This article has great information about 3 good diets that work fast, The Cabbage Soup Diet, The Grapefruit Diet, and The Liquid Diet. Many people have had great results following these diets.

Nutrisystem To Lose A Small Amount Of Weight: Is It A Good Idea?

I sometimes hear from people who are in the fortunate position that they don’t need to lose a huge amount of weight. Of course, the person themselves may not consider themselves all that lucky. But I think that few would argue that needing to lose less than 20 pounds is better than needing to lose many more than 20. Nonetheless, I heard from someone who said: “I probably only need to lose about 18 pounds. But when I told my coworker that I was considering Nutrisystem, she asked me why I would need a special diet to lose such a small amount of weight. She said that I could just diet on my own and save my money. The thing is, I’ve tried to lose this weight on my own and, so far, I’ve been unsuccessful. Is Nutrisystem worth it if you only have a small amount of weight to lose?”

Will I Have To Commit To A Year On Medifast?

I sometimes hear from people who wonder how much of a commitment is required on Medifast. A common comment is something like: “I need to lose about 50 pounds. I don’t think that it will take me a whole year to lose the weight. Will I be made to sign an annual or yearly contract with Medifast? And if so, can I break it once I’ve lost the weight?”

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