1 MINUTE Keto White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookie

JNL Bikini Model Diet Review

The JNL Bikini Model Diet was designed by physical fitness expert Jennifer Nicole Lee. This fitness expert once needed to lose weight, so she decided to transform her way of life by going to the gym, eating healthier, and discovering the answers to her weight loss through research and development. Jennifer Nicole Lee discovered the best approach to attain a slender, sexier, and more beautiful body.

Seventeen Day Diet Review

The popular seventeen day diet has been around for over a year now. And if you haven’t tried it, make sure you read this review before you do. You’ll be happy you did…

Paleo Diet Cooking

How does one make a paleo recipe? Certainly the most important rule would be that it adheres to the concepts of the paleo diet. The next rule is that it should taste good. The third and final rule is that it must be simple and easy to make.

The Health Benefits of Cacao Powder

The seed of the cacao tree, the cacao bean, has had a lot of attention recently due to its apparent health benefits. This sweet tooth alternative is the new super-super food of choice, as it is a fantastic alternative for chocolate lovers and health advocates alike.

Is It Better To Order Your Medifast Meals Separately Or Should You Go With A Package?

Recently, I heard from someone who asked me if buying the Medifast variety package was the cheapest way to place an order. She had considered buying her preferred meals separately, but she wanted to place in order in the cheapest manner possible. To address her concerns, I’ll breakdown the cost of the most popular Medifast package and compare that with the price of ordering similar meals separately.

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