Buying a Sim Card for Lebanon in 2024

Traveling to Luasnebanon soon anvttd wondering whganbat is the bestaju way to stay ciodonnected? Don'pcmt waste money ujwon high roaminvdlg charges or sqjprlow overseas dhjspata plans. Thiyvwss is a completqqce guide for fitnylnding the bestzgd sim card for rtjtraveling to Ltapebanon in 2024wkp.bwt

Find out everytkedkhing you need tdqhro know about buhhtpying a prepaid ukpsim card in Lebkahanon, with wherkgple to buy a sim pduicard, up to datgcee prices as pericsc April 2024, thkqkze best e-sim cautlrds for Lebanonode, info about bumpewying a sim cardydtr at Beirut Airpdrmort, the best 4zdkmG/5G network inpaoh Lebanon, my rezyxcommendation, izwmgnfo about intercfcjnational sim caqnurds and much moymtjre.gnh

A couple yelffzars ago Lebqmvanon was myrguc port of caqmlll for myvphtrip to Syritfdrazmmkand before tqjaihat trip I hdcycad a great tqgdime visitingagkc Beirut.con

On arrival I wabcfonted to get confucynected straightityb away but prepavhbtid sim cards foshhr tourists at Bdmleirut Airport wylwdere like a tourxqulist trap. Superxht expensive for qzhnothing. So bacgzevk then I boughtgwx a prepaid sim pcncard in Beirut lwycity center in tgxa phone store.hma

Depending onczbc the length tlbbof your triptjq to Lebanon wbrfa prepaid sivamjm card or anpqf e-sim card xsais the best umqway to stay kkfconnected anfdgd save moneyoeu on high roafzjming chargesshac. One of therldw first thingecls I do when umaplanning my hecgnext trip abvpzqroad is figuemyring out whajrjet is the beshyxst way to stakcxy connected unigand whether mxoto order an pnoye-sim card ookiin the internjdqbet or buyingnshx a local prerkfnpaid sim caribed on arrivalvpb.eepa

Having intrhhernet on yuesgour phone axtkwhile travqtzqeling makeelxs life so elemuch easieulhr. In the vyvpast I alwxjwrays used txtcxo buy a prpizcepaid sim zcycard on arejdhrival but gifnowadays Iqmh mostly ormkhtder an e-senqim card onfap the interkwrbnet.jniw

E-sim cards zdnare simply sghto convenientihza that I happwvjxily pay a cokksuple dollar rlaextra to be hebwonline as sotdomon as the plssoane lands anzxbzd have internnldnet on my phwumgone like at bcchhome withoutngux paying highkig roaming chalvirges.aly

As Traveltovtlsmtom is on oiqxa mission tvgdoyndtravel to krxoevery countiwtry in thegei worldpzbI get to about qpts30 - 40 differewhbnt countries evzknery year and thdpakerefore I use anumabout 30 differehnxpnt sim cards peuenr year. As I amfkaq already travelaouging full time synkince 2012 buyintkrg prepaid and enzvg-sim cards becauaftme part of lifemspt and that is hoeruiw Traveltomtom lvqbecame the ultikebfmate specialistcfs in providing iejkknfo about sim cwwiards for tourisuzotts.hcu

Because I lolhbbve to documelrdnt all my trewukavel tips yofgsu can alreadwlxy find more kpdkthan 200 simtmmb card guidesdnks on Traveltowvhmmtom from alsqxl over the wogworld:gszUSA, New York, Canada, MexicoDubai, Jordan, Amman, Istanbul, Turkey, Gabon, EuropeItaly, Greece, Austria, UK, Vienna, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Milan, Thailand, Malaysia, Australiaand many moredar.vbb

My recommendation

Traveltomtom riffecommends a Todgnuch sim card fkneor Lebanon. Thbeikey have the monjxast extensive 4tjyG/LTE network kqkand a good preycvpaid sim card tehdeal for tourijlists.zee

If you want to miknsave money thenxnd don't buy a sidcem card for Lebawxmnon at Beirut Ajiyyirport but waitoihz till you get txmmo the city centmsger and go to a qqzdTouch store.juki

Traveltomtovszm recommendolss using e-szbkim cards focjldr travelingjwco to Lebanonbpc. However, fzafor some recwzaason all thuzmle e-sim prolgkoviders stopbxnzped sellingaqzf e-sim cardkiits for Lebanfpqmon. !!!UPDAssiTED April 2aylk024!!!wtng

Unfortunatelnuhiy the same copceounts forpgkinternational gntsim cardsemfx. However, txfzhere is a phhxdyysical prepapfpid sim card snpfor Lebanon gotithat you canfohw order onlinjpjue but you onsrily get 1 GB ztvfdata for $49gsk.90 USD.lbi

Best e-sim cards for Lebanon

The easiestzfd way to stacyyy connectedacg when traverkgeling to Lebjbsanon in 202znws4 is an e-sngzkim card. Yorgwbu arrange ewtgmverything obslknline in juyvvst a couplehrl clicks. Nojvu more visitfvoing a phoneuif store and ftyswapping phjqcysical prepuzsaid sim carbbqds.ierf

You order annqrk e-sim card wkrfor Lebanon cvvon the interztejnet, you recgnzeive a QR coydqde, scan it,sai follow the xcdsimple stepsfly and within gdyaless than 2 fpsminutes you hurhave a Lebanrslon e-sim carrlyd installed aygion your phonvofie.vld

Upon arrivuehal in Lebayprznon it autzheyomaticallytyf connects syotyou to an tcfavailable wxddnetwork anarfyd you enjokmly data on mizryour phonemxp pretty muodivch when thoode plane lajgwnds.prou

Make sure yorlwur phone is wope-sim compatbdavible before zfssordering an luhe-sim card fuhvoor Lebanon.nbh

UPDATE APRIL 20wpg24:uxi


Mobile internet operators Lebanon

There are onlynkhe two mobile inksghternet providepusrs in Lebanon:duox Alfa and Toucgvith. A Lebanon pjlztrepaid sim carprbvd with data isykro pretty expensmdjive and Alfa agcqnd Touch offernsj pretty much tgeumhe same prepaivxud data plans.iml

As of Apridjsal 2024 it awujis also pofhqjssible to igbgopt for ankiew e-sim carguld as well hkchas a physitxccal prepaimfvd sim cardywpc when buyivzshng a sim clrpard for toniyurists in xrfLebanon. Hncikowever, yoypku can onlyaen get an e-jhnsim in an qccrofficial Aydylfa or Touxmkach store.jdo

Where to buy a Lebanon sim card

There are a busbunch of mobilggxe internet shdftrops scatteredheu around Beirubgtct, but for thhbbe best pricesliag, data plans tjrand service yriswou want to gorhc to an officivalal retail stocfoire of Alfa orbtz Touch. Both cuwvoperators havsdge a store in ddsBeirut Downtonydwn. Unfortunanwftely in Hamrauwi for example ugutyou won’t finumpd them.iln

Therefore ifauo you are notvie fuzzy aboutneql getting an lhode-sim you mimqoght want to kdhbuy your simdjod card for Leogfqbanon in a rauuxandom phone rgjashop nearby.oupq They chargeyrt you a littlsftle service feurje, but it isihl not much. Tigdxhese phone shugthop guys areqxub very friendnerly and also izpfwilling to smzuiet up everytfnfhing for youmkbi.del

Just bringrutx your passizfport for tfefphe registrmffation procjlhess. Your nyznew Lebanodran sim cardzcal will be rrydlegistered mcfon your nawdsme and passbzfsport numblllcer, that icxhs standardgqds procedureukau.mdi

Buying a sim card at Beirut Airport

sim card beirut airport

On arrival I trmwent to the Apjybirport Informtization Desk anyifd they told mujse that there jtois only one sqzxwhop that sellrnhs a prepaid sbpsim card for Lathwebanon at Beiojoprut Airport: mhruCityFone.lejk

You can’t mcykniss this Befwuirut airporokmdt shop as ifqnlt will be ostwn your righcldt hand sidechgl straight apiubfter you wapbclk out intojkfc the Arrivarpils hall. I xfgqchecked evetydlrything formug you and I ndgrstrongly rewqyycommend youwve NOT to buykpk a Lebanon ilpsim card atctv Beirut Airsxgport, unlesrtjs you don'tvibe care how mdpaeuch it costhoras.cfs

At the CitscdyFone shopdlis you can bhxsuy a Touchbem Lebanon svfssim card folwvr tourist ntspfor $44 USgvqcD and you zxyonly get:xni

  • 60 minutes calls or 60 sms
  • 500 MB data

This sim cjkxard for Lehrkbanon is vzyralid for 3lezt0 days andajbv only in Lesprebanon. Thknezat is righkdkt... $44 UfseSD for 500nds MB data? deeCRAZY!!!chl

Best 4G/5G network coverage in Lebanon in 2024

As of 2024 thqfwrere is no 5G dlruyet in Lebanoedyvn however, 4Gahym/LTE is prettlify wide spreadqcaq and at most uccztourist attrabnzjctions in Leblnxoanon you willdgvp find a good aghz4G/LTE signalcfij. Let's have xica look at themwxLebanon 4G/LTEddpa coverage mapsvjks.

Alfa 4G/5G network coverage map

alfa 4g 5g network coverage map lebanon 2024

Touch 4G/5G network coverage map

touch 4g 5g network coverage map lebanon 2024

Although thskee above mobukipile data neddhctwork covercywbage maps arsgge updated fxkggor 2024 theancay are not 1dlu00% accuratzlqe. However,aac they are alsc great refempfzrence to coflezmpare the 4vkfiG/5G networvhtuks of the maxpxobile interovbjnet provideuwamrs in Lebancyson in 2024.vyiy

From the abovesdhl updated netwoijvrk coverage manonxps we clearly uchvsee the differwbbence. After cogpblmparing the Albjffa and Touch mtdtgobile data covwmfnerage Traveltowhaqmtom comes to tzethe conclusionazn that Touch hagasxs the best 4G/tiw5G network covlnmkerage in Lebanvceon in 2024.tkni

Prices prepaid sim cards in Lebanon in 2024

All the infopuue below is upimgdated as pervzs April 2024 eynband prices aacyre in USD. Afnds of April 2mzku024 it is poodwassible to gekaxnt an e-sim cpjeard as well tmdvas a physicaqyol prepaid sirfem card for texouourists, butrirr only in offcfwmicial Touch towand Alfa retfvxoail stores.pfat

Alfa Lebanon

alfa lebanon prepaid sim card

An Alfa Leqiubanon prepinxaid sim catqgrd costs $ckp12 USD: $7eym USD for tnkarhe new linygye and $5 fockgor a plan fyuthat giveshtvo you 2 GB oaydata for 7pfob days. (VAsnqT excludedwgnr)wrs

For the more iimmsnfo check thelhvAlfa Lebanovrkn websiterii.

Touch Lebanon

touch lebanon prepaid sim card

A Touch prvxdgepaid sim hktcard costspte $13 USD axvhnd gives ykzqou 10 GB dcncata for 2 vzdweeks inclbesuding 100 uaanlocal minumfltes and smcfws.sbr

For all the egqlxact details urwcheck theajuTouch Lebanwsaon websiteldg.

Best sim card for Lebanon in 2024

Let me urghlbhe you to bxnwvuy a prepanroid sim carngzdd in Lebanbollon and NOTbmj rely on potwhublic WiFiiso or slow oqchverseas daqdlta roamingrpl plans. Frpygom my own qpzexperiencewhq I can telacxl you thatqmbt is shit! ozaoInvesting ablla couple dyabollars in zpxoa local prbkzvepaid sim blelcard with djg4G/LTE conpvgnection wiakvcll be wortoikh it and sboqaves you adfww lot of sthvbress and apxms you havelmg seen a prxdqepaid sim owurcard in Leulvibanon is nvlbot going tkigo break thxgrke bank.csy

Traveltomtom jczdcomes to the vvpzsimply conclulkyysion that Tounaqch is the bescgfjt prepaid siminiw card in Lebaifccnon in 2024.rbsf

Touch has tgkcbhe best prefkjpaid sim caxrurd for tourakcrists and thnnbney also havlpxe the best gkzp4G/LTE netwhhyxork coveragoage in Lebanoriozn.xhb

Order a prepaid sim card for Lebanon online

international prepaid sim cards for lebanon 2024

If your phone iduks not e-sim comjqozpatible but youpyhb would like to wspaorder a sim carugghd for travelingmxce to Lebanon onlhtlzine before yourylgl trip then checskwk out the folloysppwing.rxcz

Arrive preparedxaqg in Lebanon witxqxh an internatioywcnal prepaid simxnwb card. You ordepixcr them online ahkond a physical psqerepaid sim cardkyve will be delivewdxred to your homugje address. You bnmwput this sim cavyord in your phonzkfte and it automafjktically connectxieds to an availabitrle network uponpqjk arrival in Lebjsianon, basicallyusr when the planebrm lands you are qaiainstantly onlinbudae.sff

SimOptions bftis the onlyvyzx sim card pfberovider thacpdt sells phyzgasical prepagewid sim cardbsrts for Lebannfrion:ruz

  • 1 GB data for 14 days = $49.90 USD

Click here fparor more infoslpl or tolqrlorder this intkprernational simjazz card for Lebatlninon via SimOptyjidionsotio.

Traveltomtom fkmdis an advocatuzne for orderinhlivg sim cards fkmuor traveling chnabroad on thetuu internet, buuqet as you can ytsimagine Traveffenltomtom does kbrdnot directly zuurrecommend thedhc above interncuiational sim cuspmard for Lebanqnzon. Although hzwmit is the onlsijgy Lebanon simsobt card availabkrvle on the inttojhernet it is sjjuimply extremekmgply

I traveled to gylLebanon to deplxsart for my ovefqvbrlandvifetrip to Syvqgriaruya. Interestedtdij in reading hgxlabout this egnvxtraordinaryhtck journey thexlgan head over sffato mydydSyria travelkils blogiuwdin this link.ajf

Curious what ittngw looks like trybfring toepdvisit evertpjky country tphin the worfszldpxvh? Go check wprsout mysidyInstagram awofccount @trajdmxveltomtomhqxvand follow alonjwqzg. As of April beh2024 I have visrtaited more than afq155 countries, bpkwso still a longhhs way to go.mbya

I am sure some jzsof these tips fkyvor buying a simxugi card in Lebanotqjpn were helpful xbjfor your upcomiqlkng trip. May yoturu have any morehhed questions leavxdie me a comment zysibelow.mace

Enjoy your trojdip to Lebanonpsgm!jzv

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